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[Warriors on NBCS] Andre Iguodala reportedly will secure a buyout from the Grizzlies and then sign with the Lakers.



[–][CLE] LeBron James jdcomix 19 points 3 hours ago

If this is true then this is a W for the Lakers


[–]Ballup_or_shutup 3 points 2 hours ago

Add a WOJ in the front. Maybe then these nephews will believe it.

RDA said it so it's good as done. Lebron bout to have Kawhi and Iggy flanking him. Holy fuck.



[–]Supersonics Darthchrisshaw 7 points 3 hours ago

Iggy knows Kahwi is signing with the Lakers and is trying to chip up again before he retires.


[–][BOS] Dee Brown jknuts1377 7 points 3 hours ago

I'm really beginning not to like Iggy. Warriors and Lakers? Gross.


[–]Pistons MightBeAToaster 3396 points 3 hours ago

Warriors revenge tour commences


[–]Pacers KidCurtis2131 37 points 3 hours ago

Man it would seem that way.


[–]UsernameChecksOut104 93 points 2 hours ago

Boogie for the vet min incoming...


[–]Warriors HappyCrabDay 220 points 2 hours ago

Fuck. Hate seeing him go to the Lakers, but it would be a good way to get revenge on the Dubs. :/


[–][CHO] Kemba Walker multiple4 220 points 2 hours ago

Imagine LeBron and Iggy come together and best the Warriors game 7 LeBron James blocks Steph Curry alley oop to Iggy who jumps from the free throw line for a signature dunk and posterizer on Draymond.


[–]Warriors Amcog 136 points 2 hours ago

I mean I'd be impressed if we took a loaded Lakers to seven this year


[–]Supersonics OtherShade 81 points 2 hours ago

How are the Lakers loaded? They don't even have a roster yet unless I missed signings


[–][GSW] Bob Sura JumpInTheRiver 109 points 2 hours ago

But neither do the warriors...


[–][CHI] Derrick Rose ragana 28 points 2 hours ago*

Two of the top 7 players in the league is loaded as hell...

As much as all the nephews like to shit on the Lakers, Palinka clearly knows what the fuck he’s doing so I assume the team is going to very competent for the start of the season.



[–]Cavaliers Unsure_About_A_Lot 32 points an hour ago

Lebron + AD + anyone worth 32 mill = loaded ... I know people keep talking about the vet mins filling out the roster but come on, enough good players will want to join that team for like nothing that they'll be fine

Like I know injury and all that but come on, who else but warriors coulda got boogie for that money last year (regardless of it ended up working)


[–]deponent 17 points an hour ago

Lebron + AD + anyone worth 32 mill = loaded

If they find someone worth 32 mil willing to sign. The only one left is Kawhi.

Indeed, Lakers would be much better off if they signed Kawhi for the 32 mil and filled the roster with vet min/G-league players.

But if he stays/goes to Clippers/elsewhere, Lakers will have to use the 32 mil to fill the roster, and considering the contracts thrown so far, those 32 mil won't go too far.






[–]Supersonics sktgamerdudejr 3181 points 3 hours ago

LeBron new strat: surround self with LeBron killers


[–]Lakers funnyhandlehere 13 points 2 hours ago

If all the Lebron killers are on your team, what does he have to worry about?


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram deac0n 92 points 3 hours ago

Worked for Kobe.


[–]BBQ_HaX0r 24 points 2 hours ago

Self-proclaimed "Kobe Stopper" Ruben Patterson was never invited to play with him.


[–]Lakers spenrose22 24 points 2 hours ago

Well that’s because he didn’t stop Kobe


[–]Magic almightycouch 1255 points 3 hours ago

LeBron gonna get JJ Barea next


[–]Spurs jaaayscale 48 points 3 hours ago

Too late JJ already agreed with the Mavs


[–][GSW] JaVale McGee ashwinr136 442 points 3 hours ago

Someone find JR Smith ASAP


[–]Clippers PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 149 points 2 hours ago

How could we forget famed LeBron stopper Paul Pierce?


[–]Pelicans _go_fuck_y0urself 56 points 2 hours ago

and marcus morris


[–]Lakers HaLire 47 points 2 hours ago

We can never get cursed by pierce because he hates both the lakers and lebron so he'll never pick us.


[–]Cavaliers CuprousOxide 34 points 3 hours ago

Too bad DeMarre Carroll already signed


[–][OKC] Kevin Durant onewonyuan 88 points 3 hours ago

The OG Lebron stopper, even though he was the most incapable of stopping Lebron.


[–]Warriors TerraFree 17 points 3 hours ago

Stanley Johnson expecting a phone call anytime.


[–]Pistons savethebs 59 points 3 hours ago

Good thing Stanley Johnson is still a free agent.


[–][SAS] Dejounte Murray Ops135 24 points 3 hours ago

Kawhi the king slayer coming real soon


[–]Lakers sharkhuh 4 points an hour ago

Lakers only recruiting FMVP winners.



[–]jms209 301 points 3 hours ago

Iguaodala is good, but only in short spurts. Coming off the bench should work out.


[–]Clippers PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 164 points 2 hours ago

He’s still an elite wing defender


[–][DAL] Steve Nash RD_Alpha_Rider 98 points 2 hours ago

Yeah in the playoffs.


[–]babbagack 2 points 2 hours ago

as long as he is healthy, his smarts are indispensable. he is incredibly gifted athletically, so even if he is a bit slower he's still going to be moving well relative to the typical NBA player, aside from his length and skill. it's all about health. hopefully the give him any needed load management so he can be ready for the post season.


[–]Warriors TerraFree 1484 points 3 hours ago

Warriors vs. Lakers WCF game 7

Lebron picks Steph’s pocket and has a breakaway series sealing dunk. Laker forward Iguodala is matching Lebron stride for stride

As Lebron rises for a thunderous dunk...an incredulous Mike Breen yells out “BLOCKED BY ANDRE...”

Staples is stunned. Warriors clinch Finals berth

In the post game conference Andre nods with satisfaction “Just protecting Steph’s legacy”





[–]Clippers PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 299 points 2 hours ago

I thought you were gonna say Steph has a game saving chasedown block on LeBron and oddly this is more believable


[–]spyirl 91 points 2 hours ago

I'm honestly worried about this. Andre loves Steph a little too much


[–]Warriors OvertOperative 50 points 3 hours ago

Iguodala signs up with Lebron, then sabotages the Lakers from within to protect Steph's legacy.


[–]NBA imTHATitguy 575 points 3 hours ago

My man is trying to secure Curry's legacy from the other side....I like the angle.



[–][MEM] Tony Allen toftr 226 points 3 hours ago

I don’t get how this makes sense for the Grizzlies at all


[–]Bulls alex01919 177 points 3 hours ago

They got a draft pick out of it


[–][MEM] Tony Allen toftr 208 points 3 hours ago

If the Lakers want him, why should we give him away to them for free?


[–]Knick edUp 389 points 3 hours ago

You dont want an unhappy vet on the end of the bench who doesnt want to be part of a 3 year rebuild.


[–]Heat lazyssj 124 points 3 hours ago

Iggy is valuable on a vet min contract, he’s not a valuable asset on his current deal


[–]Grizzlies ottershavemorefun 149 points 3 hours ago

We could get more assets by holding him until the trade deadline. We have no chance at more assets this way.


[–]Lakers snoring_pig 44 points 3 hours ago

With his current contract? I doubt you guys could get much out of it even if it only has a year left. If Iggy isn’t interested in playing for you guys might as well just buy him out.


[–]Knick edUp 41 points 3 hours ago

Iggy is a well invested man. He understands being in Memphis basically puts him out of the league. No one will ever hear from him. But if he goes with the Lakers...he's still in the game, on national tv every week. He would surely forego some millions for that.


[–]Warriors MariaAsstina 100 points 3 hours ago

Andre...no...anybody but the lakers


[–][GSW] Stephen Curry c0gvortex 1 point 2 hours ago

Ouch that hurts not gonna lie. Fair enough though


[–]Rockets breadspinner 3 points 2 hours ago

Could have been the Rockets!


[–]Suns Hormone_Monster69 2 points 2 hours ago

C'mon Andre isn't stupid.


[–]deviantdelights 1 point 2 hours ago

Now this just got interesting. Wherever he goes I'm happy to watch him play. He did great things for the warriors but him and lebron on the same team. Damn.


[–]15jackets 17 points 3 hours ago

Can’t get blocked in the Finals by LeBron if you’re on the same team